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Terms And Conditions

Membership Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions Membership:

Every member of the club shall be subject to these terms and conditions. Rustington Golf Centre reserves the right to use discretion in all matters relating to membership.

Full Membership (Annual Payer):

All Full memberships are for an annual term. Payment can be made in full for the year or via Direct Debit and as you are committing to the full term you will be unable to cancel part way through the year.

No refunds will be given for full memberships under any circumstances.

Direct debit Payers:

If paying by Direct Debit should you cancel and then wish to re-join within a year you will be liable to a £75 re-joining fee. Direct Debit payers must give 30 days’ notice should they wish to cancel their memberships.

All Direct Debit payers must pay a £50 joining fee to begin their direct debit. Should a member leave and re-join within 12 months they will be charged a £75 re-joining fee. Should members wish to join after the 12 month period they will be charged the £50 joining fee.

Injury or Illness:

If you are a full paying member and have an injury or illness that will mean you are unable to play golf for 6 weeks or longer, we will permit a freeze of your membership.

We will allow 1 membership freeze in any 2-year period. The maximum time membership can be frozen for is 6 weeks. This will be given in the form of an extension onto the end of the members renewal date and not via a refund.

Flexi Memberships:

No refunds will be issued for full or flexi memberships.

Points May only be used for rounds of golf on the Par 70 only and are not applicable to the Par 3 or to be used for guests in lieu of payment.

Flexi Membership points expire after 3 years from date of purchase. Should the member not use up the points in this time frame the points will be lost and will not be reimbursed or refunded.

Should the membership points expire and the member not play for any 3 year period the club reserves the right to mark them as having left and they will be subject to the full joining fee if the member decides to re-join.

Flexi Members who fail to pay the affiliation fee after 60 days of its renewal will be marked as a leaver and will no longer be able to use their points or play. Should they wish to then re-instate their membership a £75 re-joining fee will be applied which, once paid, will re-instate any remaining points.


Members may bring guests at a discounted rate. Members must make the kiosk or Main reception aware if they are bringing a guest to ensure they are added onto the tee time prior to the day. Members guest can be paid for on the day or in advance over the phone.

Members are responsible for ensuring the guests they bring have paid for their round on either the Par 3, the Academy or the Par 70. Should a member fail to register a guest they will be requested to pay for their guests tee time.

Termination of Membership:

We have a zero-tolerance policy on rude and aggressive behaviour towards staff and other members. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in a total ban from the golf centre at the discretion of Rustington Golf Centre. No refunds will be offered for memberships terminated early due to a breach in this policy.

Rustington Golf Centre reserves the right to suspend or terminate any memberships without refund should the terms and conditions on this page not be met.

Booking Terms and Conditions:

With high levels of bookings, we recommend that all members book tee times prior to the day. We ask that bookings are made online rather than over the phone or in person in an effort to reduce queues.

Online bookings will open 21 days in advance.

All competition bookings are made via the three sections and are done in most cases via Handicap Master. Should a flexi member sign up for a competition they will need to check in on arrival and staple a receipt to the scorecard.

Course Closure:

RGC reserve the right to close the course should there be a requirement for Maintenance or in extreme weather conditions.

No show policy:

Members should be aware of our no-show policy. If a member books a tee time and does not show up 3 times or more in a 6-month period then they will have their booking privileges suspended for 2 week. This means they will not be able to book or play within that 2-week period.