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At Rustington Golf Centre we offer a wide range of membership options to suit both the casual and avid golfer and those that wish to use our exceptional facilities to practice. Each category of membership comes with different rates and fees as seen below.

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Membership Fees Table

OptionPriceApply Now
Full (Age 33+)£695apply now
Intermediate Plus (age 27-32)£425apply now
Intermediate (age 21-26)£350apply now
Junior Plus (age 19-21)£150 apply now
Junior£60 apply now
Flexi Membership From £250apply now
If Members leave, but re-join within a year, there is a re-joining fee of £75. Prices may be subject to change and terms and conditions apply.

Full Membership

Full membership entitles you to use our Par 70 course as often as you like. You are able to book in advance and book online meaning your guests will benefit from discounted rates. Fees are paid as an annual subscription or monthly direct debit, whichever suits you. We have full Junior, Junior Plus, Intermediate, and Adult memberships to ensure membership is affordable and accessible to all.

Full membership entitles you to gain an official WHS handicap and play in all competitions within your category. 

Flexi Membership

Rustington Golf Centre’s Flexi Membership is one of the best value golf memberships in Sussex. Our pre-pay card offers the benefits of full memberships plus the additional advantage of flexible payments. You are able to top-up the credit points on your card at any time. The more points on the card, the more discount you earn! The discount is added to your card as additional free points. You can book in advance online and play in all competitions where you will be able to obtain and retain your handicap rating.

Flexible memberships are subject to a £15 affiliation fee each year and flexi membership points last for 3 years from date of purchase, after which point, they expire.

Prices and Top up options are as follows:

Initial Fee & Top Ups

InitialPar BirdieEagle
200 PointsPre-pay an extra £50 to get 50 additional points added to your cardPre-pay an extra £100 to get 105 additional points added to your cardPre-pay an extra £150 to get 165 additional points added to your card
Prices may be subject to change and terms and conditions apply. All Flexi members are subject to a £15 annual affiliation fee to keep their membership active.

Using Your Points

18 Holes (weekday)18 Holes (weekend)9 Holes (weekday)9 Holes (weekend)
Peak (before 2pm)20 Points23 Points14 Points15 Points
Afternoon Special (after 2pm)16 Points18 Points12 Points13 Points