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How to get in to golf

How to get in to golf


From the outside golf can seem complicated and confusing. All of the rules, different clubs, terminology and even how to play the game can seem like an intimidating task, especially if you don’t know anyone who plays the game.  Fear not however, this post will tell you everything you need to know about how to get started and the importance of golf lessons. But most importantly how to have fun playing! We here at Rustington Golf Centre will provide you with everything you need to get started.


Getting started

Before you jump straight in it’s important to ask yourself why you want to start playing. Is it for fun? Are you just curious to see what golf is like? Whatever it may be, your experience playing golf will be different depending on your reasoning behind getting started, none more important than having fun! First and foremost it’s a great idea to establish any goals you have early on to give you something to work towards and to make the most out of your experience.


Taking lessons

You will probably have tons of questions about golf and it’s important to get the right information and direction as you get started to make sure you enjoy the experience. There’s no better way to do this than by seeking help from a qualified golf coach, in particular a PGA professional who is fully trained to teach you everything you need to know. Here at Rustington Golf Centre in West Sussex we have a fantastic team of fully qualified coaches from the Cranfield Golf Academy that offer lesson packages to golfers of all abilities. With a state of the art driving range, Par 3 course, Par 70 course and Academy course we have the perfect facilities and coaches to get you started.

Group lessons are a great way to start off playing if you’re a beginner. They allow you to socialise with golfers of a similar ability and progress in a relaxed and fun environment that’s not as focused as an individual lesson. In group lessons you can track your progress as a group and make friends which will make your golfing experience more rewarding and enjoyable!

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Where to play

There are over 1,800 golf courses in the UK alone so finding somewhere to play near you shouldn’t be a problem. Many golfers join as members of a golf club which often entitles them to multiple rounds of golf throughout the year as well as access to the facilities of the course, social events and many other perks. A golf membership is ideal if you’re looking to make friends within golf or want to play as much as possible. Alternatively to becoming a member of a club, most courses will allow you play if you pay a ‘green fee’ (the price to play a round of golf at a given course). This is often a better option if you don’t play golf often enough to warrant paying for a membership or want to play a variety of courses. There are a variety of websites that you can book a round of golf through and often give you a better deal than booking directly through the club so it’s worth searching around to see where you can get the best deal!



The best way to improve every aspect of your golf game is to practice! A driving range is an ideal place to practice, you can purchase an amount of golf balls and hit out in to a large open area. You’re not time restricted so you can take as much time as you want to fine tune your skills. It’s often best not to practice when you’re playing a round as you’re much more time limited but more importantly you should be out there enjoying it rather than focusing too much on technique! Likewise many courses will have a practice green to putt on before you play as well as bunkers, nets and mini holes to provide a bit more variety to a driving range. Setting achievable and realistic goals in your practice session is a fantastic way of not only improving but tracking your progression within golf. Why not write down some goals before your session or even a practice routine to keep your practice meaningful and concise.