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Centre Rules

Rules, dress code and etiquette

Local rules

    1. RGC members playing in competitions, make yourselves aware of your local rules before play.
    2. Winter rules
      A ball lying on any closely mown area through the green may without penalty be moved or may be lifted, cleaned and placed within 6 inches of where it originally lay, but not nearer the hole.
      After the ball has been moved or placed, it is in play.
    3. Out of bounds
      1. To the right of the 1st and 10th up to the pond.
      2. To the right of the 2nd and 11th.
      3. To the right of the 3rd and 12th.
      4. To the left and right of the 5th and 14th.
      5. To the right of the 6th and 15th.
      6. To the right of the pond on the 8th and 17th.
      7. All boundary fences, hedges and the driving range fence are out of bounds.
      8. A ball lying out of bounds in private property may not be retrieved under any circumstances.
      9. Playing from out of bounds is forbidden.
    4. Staked trees and whips
      Whips and young trees are ground under repair from which play is prohibited. If a ball lies in an area of ground under repair from which play is prohibited, or if such an area of ground under repair interferes with the players stance or swing, the player must take relief under the rules of golf.
    5. Water hazards (yellow and lateral red stakes).
      Include the lakes and ditches whether they include water or not.
    6. Footpaths
      A ball should be lifted and dropped not nearer the hole without penalty within one club length of the nearest point of relief.
    7. Fixed sprinkler heads
      All pop-up sprinkler heads are immoveable obstructions and relief from them may be obtained under the rules of golf.
    8. Ground under repair
      You must not play from areas marked GUR – Ground Under Repair. Drop away taking relief in accordance with the rules of golf.

Rules of play
Anyone in breach of the following rules of play will be asked to leave the course immediately.
1. To play on the main Par 70 course you must book a tee time.
2. All Members, Visitors and Guests must have validated score cards.
3. Every Visitor and Guest must pay before playing.
4. All players must have a bag and clubs, no sharing allowed.
5. Players must not play with more than one ball each.
6. Juniors cannot sign guests in at any time.
7. Caddies and onlookers are not permitted to play.
8. Players teeing off before 08:00 are requested to give way to greenstaff.

Dress Code and Etiquette
1. We are a relaxed and informal golf centre, with no strict dress code on either of our par 70/ par 3 golf courses. On the main Par 70 course we do ask that golfers come in a presentable attire. Items not permitted are joggers, leggings and ripped jeans.
3. Avoid slow play at all times, wave faster games through.
4. Mark your card away from the green.
5. Please replace and repair all divots and pitch marks.
6. Please rake bunkers after play.
7. Abide by the local rules at all times.